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The Healthy Happy Fund aks Katrine goes crazy from the pain and decides to ask the internet for help. 

Hello you beautiful internet people you, 

I'm not sure why I'm doing this. Okay, I know why I'm doing this. I need help and like most people I know I don't really enjoy asking for help. I know in this experience are lessons and gifts. There has also been pain, fear, frustration, guilt, shame, and hate. 

Why do I need help? 

The short of it?
I need to be able to afford healthy food to help avoid gallstone attacks. I want to be able to fund future dreams and goals so when my brain gets too dark I remember to keep the lights on. 

The long of it? 

I'm waiting for gallbladder surgery and in the mean time I need to eat healthy, smart, and with love. Currently I can't afford to. I've had to miss the work I do due to the attacks and on a fixed income I just don't have the money to spend. 

Why should you care? 

February has been a hard month. The church I was going to took away my leadership position because I was in a relationship with another woman. I lost that relationship but thankfully have been able to maintain the friendship. I've had to move house. I've been to the ER 4 times with insane levels of pain plus had more attacks that didn't send me to the ER. I've had to miss out on countless fun activities with friends due to pain, exhaustion, and stress. I've had to deal with my 'food issues' that these attacks have brought up. It's taken me a long time to learn how to love myself. I joke that being Katrine is a full time job, but it's true. I can't afford to lose hope now. 

Why $10,000? 

I like to dream big. 

But really, I know I've asked for a big chunk of change. You might be thinking food couldn't possibly cost that much. You'd be totally right. I'm not just trying to feed my body, I also want to feed my soul and my spirit. This experience had asked a lot of me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

I will use the money to feed myself in the following ways: 
  • Healthy food 
  • Medication (and other medical) costs that aren't covered by insurance Movie tickets (I've found going to the movies a wonderful distraction from the pain and stress, plus the chairs are more comfortable than my bed) 
  • Magic booster packs (for pack wars with my lovely and supportive boyfriend.) 
  • Books from my local bookstore (More distraction. Plus I want to support local business ((Instead of buying an eReader and downloading books) 
  • Music (more distraction from stress and pain) 
  • Facial & Mani+Pedi (I've said a lot of mean and heartful things to my body. Plus my body has been in a lot of intense pain. I want to spend time treating it and letting it know that it's loved. I love myself.) 
  • A trip home. (Being so far away from my family while all of this is happening has been stressful and hard. I'm so homesick. I miss my mother so much. Knowing after I've healed from surgery I can book a trip home to Bermuda to see my family would be a huge morale booster.)  
  • Nia Blue Belt (Nia has saved my life so many times. After I've healed from the surgery I want to invest time into my Nia personal and professional practice and it's time to go Blue. I need to spend time getting into my body, dancing, choosing sensation, joy, and love. Nia does that for me. Blue belt is all about relationships and I'm finally ready. ((Blue Belt training cost approximately $1600 not including travel cost and expenses))) 
  • Nia Yearly Membership (It cost $520 a year for me to be licensed to teach Nia.) 

I feel ashamed that I need help. I feel shame that my body is letting me down. The shame I feel isn't helping. It's not healing. I know asking the internet for help is a long shot. I'm not stunningly beautiful, or quirky and adorable. I don't have a million followers and I just had to delete my twitter because I kept getting hacked. 

This feels like waving a white towel in the middle of a exploding galaxy hoping against hope I get a ride before my air supply runs out. Maybe this is just a shot in the dark, maybe it's just practice at asking for help. But ... 

I'd like to believe that it's the start of something beautiful. Funded or not. Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you are able to donate to the Healthy and Happy Fun Fund I'm forever grateful and humbled. If you want to pray or send healing and loving thoughts I am open and receptive. 

Thank you for your time and any support you can give. 


p.s If you don't have money to spare but want to do something, I invite you to pick a song you love and dance. Dance for me, dance for you, dance for all the love and light in the universe. Dance because we, despite it all, are richly blessed. 

Or alterntivly if dancing isn't your thing - next time you need help ask for it. Please. Maybe if we all started asking for what we needed it would be a little be easier to get what we wanted.

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